About the Programme

The Philippines, as an active Member of the HCCH, will be hosting this year’s Asia Pacific Week Manila 2022 conference, with the theme “Enabling cross-border cooperation in the region and beyond.” The conference sessions will provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about the HCCH and its work, to engage with experts from across Asia and the Pacific, and to consider regional experiences and perspectives.

For over 125 years, the HCCH has been a respected forum for effective multilateralism, bringing nations together to develop legal frameworks designed to facilitate international mobility, transactions, and dispute resolution for individuals, families, and companies across the globe. In pursuit of its mandate, the HCCH strives for the progressive unification of the rules of private international law, adopting Conventions and instruments spanning three main Areas, International Family and Child Protection Law, Transnational Litigation and Cooperation, as well as International Commercial, Digital and Financial Law.

HCCH Conventions are widely used in practice, helping individuals, families, and companies, involved in cross-border situations by providing solutions to questions concerning jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of judgement, as well as establishing effective cooperation mechanisms between and among States. In this age of globalization, cross-border interactions are commonplace, highlighting the importance of private international law and by extension, the work of the HCCH with its direct, positive impact on people’s lives.

Schedule of Activities


Register your participation at Asia Pacific Week: Manila 2022 below! Registrations will be confirmed as they are received, with preference given to participants representing governments or other official authorities.

Email us at apwmanila2022@dfa.gov.ph for any inquiry.